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A Classical English Garden Suitable for South Florida Climate

While being a designer and gardener in South Florida (hardiness zone 10b) has its benefits, there is something so beautifully whimsical about English gardens that has us all in utter envy. If only we could replicate the thousand year old stones, beautifully patina planters, and the gorgeous backdrop of 40 foot manicured hedges and trees while staying in budget. We know we cannot, but we can still try to recreate our own quaint English inspired gardens and today we are breaking down the plants and design principles that will help recreate that dreamy aesthetic in South Florida.

Design Principles

1. Build "Walls" in your garden using dense shrubs that can be manicured to create formality. (The manicured bird is optional)

Dense Hedges South Florida Plants

Podacarpus - Slow growing hedge but can grow up to 40 ft tall and has a beautiful dark green foliage

Ilex Shilling- A great choice for a small hedge or border plant

Boxwood - Dense and evergreen boxwood is the perfect plant to shape

2. Plant Perennials or Annuals within the walls of your garden and watch your garden bloom.

Perennial and Annual South Florida Plants

White Plumbago - Perennial

Roses - Perennial

Vincas - Annual but can bloom for over 7 months in Florida

Hydrangeas - Annual

3. Create paths in your garden adding texture with rocks, stones, or bricks. Allow low ground cover flowers to spill over onto the pathway for a whimsical effect.

Ground Cover South Florida Plants

Blue Daze - Perennial; Blooms small blue flowers year round

Lavender - Annual; A little more upkeep but a similar alternative would be Purple Astilbe

Asylum - Annual; Otherwise known as carpet of snow this annual is a show stopper when in full bloom

4. Add structures to your garden such as Arbors and Espalier walls for architectural interest and to add hierarchy to the space.

Climbing South Florida Plants

Bougainvillea - Thrives in full sun but can bloom heavily if cut back often

Confederate Jasmine - Blooms small white flowers that smell so good!

Climbing Don Juan Roses - Hard to maintain but Don Juan Roses blooms lasts longer than any other rose I've seen in South Florida

5. Create a seating area for you to sit back and enjoy your garden.

This by no means is an extensive list of all the plants that would be beautiful in your English Inspired Garden but with some water, love, and luck the plants we mentioned in this blog have all been thriving in our very own garden. Stay tuned for reveal photos of the transformation and happy planting!

Keep creating,

The Timeless Oak Team


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