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Para Mi Mami (For My Mom)

When I was ten years old, my mom made a decision that would change the course of both our lives. She became an entrepreneur and started a cleaning company in our hometown. [Insert shameless plug for DJ Cleaning Services]. I was her first “employee”; she really brought me along because I was the youngest and even at that age she liked the way I organized things around the house. She told our pastor about her endeavor and he became her first client.

Watching my mom clean is like watching one of those cartoons with eight arms and a cloud of dust around them. She was quick, precise, and focused. What fascinated me most about her was that she always did a little something extra for her clients. She’d make them food, write them a note, even make their toilet paper look like art. Always a little something to make each of them feel special, because they were, because they trusted her with their homes. And I would watch my mom with a smile on her face, doing what she did best, giving out her motherly love.

Sure enough, as time went on, my mom’s business began to grow. Not through any fancy marketing campaigns or social media, just word of mouth, it was all she needed. It was during this time of cleaning all these homes that my passion for residential design began to flourish. Anytime my mom would tell me she booked a new client, I would get so excited to see what their homes were like! I loved looking at family photos, memorabilia, and their décor. Their homes were like snapshots of their hearts (corny, but true).

Spending time with my mom, working with her, and watching her is how I learned that nothing matters more (in life and in business) than the time we spend with people and the way we treat them. We have nothing to lose when we give a little extra time and love to those around us.

My mom and I cleaned together until I went to college. And even then I would help her from time to time, although she doesn’t need my help anymore, she has her own crew of hardworking women. Her love for everyone, her passion, and her acts of service are what grew DJ Cleaning Services into a small business that has made an impact within our community. She’s my hero, and the most Timeless Woman I know. I bring my mom’s love into everything I do, always a little extra, to make you feel special, because you are, because you’ve trusted Veaunita and I in your homes.

Gracias mami, por todo. Me enseñaste lo que es ser una mujer, hermana, y amiga. Te quiero con mi corazón entero, y quisiera ser mitad de la mujer bella y trabajadora que eres. Feliz Día de Las Madres.


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