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Just Because I Love Ya (Plant Mama Edition)

I'm not sure there's anything I love more than gift giving, and it's one of the strongest ways I show I care (seriously my love language = giver). I like to keep a list in my phone of things my family and friends love — which comes in handy because my long term memory isn't great! It makes it easier when there's a birthday or holiday coming up because I know exactly what to look for or make.

Last week Isabel told me to save the date January 28th, 2021 because it was a BIG DEAL and MONUMENTAL day. I was racking my brain trying to figure out the significance of that day and couldn't think of a single thing. She finally told me.....that day.....January 28th, 2021 was my 10,000th day on Earth! It was the sweetest reason to celebrate someone and it felt like a gift in itself.

We've been best friends for 10 years and throughout our friendship we've always celebrated for "just because I love ya" reasons. I think giving brings out the best in all of us, whether it's by a thoughtful gesture, kind words, or a gift.

Because it's Mother's Day month, I've made a list of my favorite gardening inspired items for all the plant lovin mamas out there — especially the Women's Work gardening gloves and Willow Tree gardening angel. And you know I can't forget garden themed cards and wrapping paper! Does anyone else love the presentation of a gift as much as Isabel and I!? Whether its just because or a special date or even your 10,000th day on Earth I hope this list spreads joy!

Keep Creating,




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