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Timeless Oak specializes in design and renovations for the home and garden. We create meaningful spaces and reference the essence of home by including family culture, layering soft earth-based color tones, and strong textures to achieve a classic style that withstands the test of time. We incorporate the principles of design such as proportion, scale, balance, and form and bring in those extra touches of cherished keepsakes that tell the story of a home.


Isabel Stechschulte
Principal Designer + Co-Founder

Isabel’s passion for design started at a very young age as the youngest of six children growing up in Belle Glade, Florida. Her mother would give a small budget to transform rooms within their home, and it was there that she learned how to be resourceful with her craft and time. Her interests continued to blossom, which led her to Florida Atlantic University, where she received a Bachelor’s in Architectural Design with a minor in Disaster Management. During that time, Isabel developed an affinity for woodworking and furniture design, with a special affection for handcrafted details. Fueled by the desire to create and build one of a kind spaces, Isabel combined her passions to co-found Timeless Oak. 


As a principal designer and project coordinator, she has an unrelenting attention to detail and drive to unveil the hidden potential of every client’s home. Elements of her personal style are woven throughout each design, with a powerful focus on the delicate balance between form and function.


Veaunita Stechschulte
Principal Designer + Co - Founder

Veaunita grew up in Wellington, Florida and received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida Atlantic University. She believes health and wellness is the greatest foundation when designing a beautiful life and that home is a place which echoes our story and should amplify how we move, play, pause and enjoy each moment. Her passion for design and innate entrepreneurial spirit inspired Veaunita to co-found Timeless Oak, where she is a principal designer, sourcing and styling director, and interior photographer.


Her desire to build lasting relationships with clients and trade professionals in our community and to lead with love has been one of our greatest driving factors. Although she enjoys exploring creativity through various avenues and adventures, she is drawn to organic color palettes, English inspired textiles and found vintage items — because truly beautiful things are beautiful forever.


Patricia Cerón

Assistant Designer + Draftswoman

Patricia has spent most of her life traveling and living in different countries around the world, from Latin America to Africa, the Middle East and then moving to the USA where she completed her Bachelor’s of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University. Her passion for design stems from learning about what a home means in different cultures, and how they are expressed through the vernacular architecture of the place.


As an assistant designer and draftswoman, she compliments the team by bringing in skills from her time drafting furniture shop drawings as an undergraduate student and working on brownstone renovations at an architecture firm in Brooklyn, New York. Patricia values the incorporation of nature in design and creating unique spaces that are tailored to a client’s needs. She believes that home is your sanctuary of peace after all your journeys and an expression of your identity. Her voyager spirit continues as she plans to move to London to begin her Master’s in Architectural History at The Bartlett.

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