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Our Design Style

Scope of Work

  • Full-Service Residential Design

  • In Person and Virtual Design Consultations

  • Design Plans and Placement Guides

  • Space Planning

  • Furniture Sourcing and Styling 

  • General Advisory and Liaison to Contractors

We create meaningful spaces and reference the essence of home by including family culture, layering soft earth-based color tones, and strong textures to achieve a classic style that withstands the test of time. We incorporate the principles of design such as proportion, scale, balance, and form and bring in those extra touches of cherished keepsakes that tell the story of a home.

Approachable Design

We understand when renovating a home there are endless decisions to be made. We make sense of the madness and thoughtfully curate a design in line with your vision. Our goal is to make designing your home an  enjoyable and memorable process. We offer a full service experience from conception to completion, and work from a place of honesty and integrity, always keeping your best interest in mind.


Together we can re-imagine one space or your entire home. We get to know you, and the design styles you love.


After the consultation, we carefully create a design that reflects your taste and encompasses your needs. 


Once the final design is approved, we take care of the rest  and  begin the building process to bring your vision to life.

Design Consultation

We always begin our design consultations whether in person or over the phone, by getting to know you. We want to understand how you plan to use the space and how you want to feel when you walk into your home. Below are just a few examples of what to expect during our first design meeting.

  • We take overall measurements and sketch a floor plan of the desired space.

  • Document the existing conditions through photographs from key angles.

  • Give advice on furniture layouts and make recommendations for architectural elements.

  • Discuss strategies for major renovation projects.


The Classic

The Classic is for clients seeking single or multiple room renovations (i.e. primary bedroom, dining room, office). We design complete rooms from start to finish, providing everything from space planning to accessorizing and styling. 


We provide:

  • In-Person or Virtual Design Consultation

  • Spatial Planning

  • Design Concept Board

  • Color and Materials Palette 

  • Shopping Guide

  • 3D Model of Your Space

Priced Per Sq Ft

The Timeless

The Timeless delivers the full service experience for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry  and mudrooms, as well as custom built elements. We curate each detail and collaborate with contractors/builders to ensure a wonderful client experience. 

We provide:

  • In-Person or Virtual Design Consultation

  • Floor Plan & Furniture Plan

  • Design Concept Board

  • Color and Materials Palette 

  • Shopping Guide

  • 3D Model of Your Space

Priced Per Project

Get your project started 

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