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Artwork Sources for your Home

We love the way artwork transforms a space and we often draw inspiration from art when designing a room. The textures, color palette, framing, and of course the art itself all have a way of telling a story even if we each interpret it differently. That's the beauty of art.

When I first saw the painting of this woman, I immediately felt a sense of stillness. Looking at her felt like a brief moment of silence. I reached out to the artist Nava Lundy (who happened to be local) and she reimagined this painting for me. It's now one of my favorite works of art.

We wanted to share a few artists that have inspired us. We are big fans of original artwork, but we also love prints and lithographs as they are great ways to save costs. We understand that sourcing artwork can be daunting, so we hope you find this curated list of artisans and print shops helpful!


Downloadable Print Shops:

If you're local to Wellington, FL we love framing our artwork at Alligator Art. They also can print images and digital downloads on beautiful high quality matte paper. #supportsmallbusiness

We hope you fill your walls with pieces that bring you joy!

Keep creating,

The Timeless Oak Team


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